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About me

Daphne Dunlap, Worldwide Traveler and Entrepreneur

I believe everyone with a touch of wanderlust should have the ability to travel anywhere in the world whenever and wherever their heart desires.
Providing travel inspiration and resources is what I love to do.
A very fortunate gal am I. From the time I was very young my parents took me on both national and international trips. That was the beginning of an insatiable appetite to travel the world. World travels have taken me to 45 countries and my miles in the air are well over three million. Believe it or not, to this very day the one of the things that gets my heart beating the fastest is the thought of stepping on another plane and flying away to some far-flung destination. Landing on the soil of an entirely new country, to visit a previously unknown city or town is, to me, one of life’s greatest privileges. Perhaps you share these same thoughts about travel. Having the chance to discover the beauty, the mysteries, the culture of someplace new makes each journey a magical experience.

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