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Age and Travel… It’s your call!

Age and Travel… It’s your call!

This is an interesting question. Senior friends come to me from time to time seeking my advice about my world travel because they are worried about being an older age. The main question is, “Am I too old to travel, and still enjoy it?” There is also the underlying fright of the uncertainties of traveling nowadays.

My answer comes in the form of a cliché…age is just a number. As far as uncertainties are concerned, if you plan to visit a destination known for being safe, you shouldn’t worry. As we all know, nothing in life is one hundred percent certain.

Each person ages differently. The questions you must ask yourself before planning a trip:

1. Are you in good health?

2. How is your mobility?

3. Any current health issues to be concerned about?

4. Any anxieties about being away from home?

5. Any major fears of being stranded abroad

6. Unforeseen health issues popping up overseas

7. Worries about an accident abroad

The truth is that there are some people in their 40s that can struggle more than some in their 80s. It just depends on a combination of health and attitude. I, for one, assuming my continued good health, plan to keep traveling and keep on traveling no matter how old I become. Traveling lifts my spirits, keeps me feeling young and alive, and provides a sense of satisfaction like no other!

Some of my friends are very concerned about jet lag, deep vein thrombosis, or having their energy run out? My attitude is there are risks in everything we do. If these are major worries, purchase travel insurance so you are covered for any emergency.

Older folks who love to travel but worry about doing so at their age should consider a few adjustments when on a trip such as taking a taxi instead of walking, skipping attractions with long flights of stairs, allow additional time for their activities.

There is a great big world out there to explore. Personally, I worry most about not having a chance to see all the destinations in the world yet to be explored.

To me, travel keeps one young and feeling alive and frisky. My advice is, if you are physically able, just get up and GO!

Life’s way too short to stay at home!

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